tost. Two One-Sided Tests of Equivalence.
Program by Alexis Dinno.
Version 3.1.4 (updated Oct 9, 2023)

This package includes tostt and tostti which perform t tests of mean equivalence, tostpr and tostpri which perform z tests of proportion equivalence, tostmcc and tostmcci which perform equivalence McNemar's tests, the tostranksum and tostsignrank which perform equivalence tests based on the z approximation to the rank sum and sign rank testsi, and the tostrrp and tostrrpi commands which perform tests for equivalence of relative risk and unity in paired binary data. All tests have the option to report relevance test conclusions.

This package is written for Stata versions 8+.

All feature and bug requests are welcome and will be considered.

To manually update or install:

  1. In Stata (i) type ado dir and hit ENTER, and (2) type ado uninstall [#], where '#' is the number of tost reported in step (i). Repeat both (i) and (ii) until there are no more versions of tost installed.
  2. In Stata type personal and hit ENTER.
  3. Download tostt.ado, tostti.ado, tostti.sthlp, tostt.sthlp, tostpr.ado, tostpri.ado, tostpr.sthlp, tostpri.sthlp, tostsignrank.ado, tostsignrank.sthlp, tostranksum.ado, tostranksum.sthlp, tostmcc.ado, tostmcci.ado, tostmcc.sthlp, tostmcci.sthlp, tostregress.ado, tostregress.sthlp, tostrrp.ado, tostrrpi.ado, tostrrp.sthlp, and tostrrpi.sthlp to the directory reported by the personal command.

    Alternately, you may download a .7z archive of the current tost package ado, .sthlp, and .dta files.

You will need to check the web site, and repeat these steps periodically as new versions become available.