About Instrutora Tremor Mortal

last updated 4/12/2024

Instrutora Tremor Mortal, also known as Alexis Dinno, was first introduced to capoeira in a few lessons with Mestre Preguiça at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in San Francisco in the late 80s. Tantalized by these first few lessons, it would be another decade before she began regular training with Mestre Efraim in New Haven, Connecticut in 1999, being baptized in 2000 by Mestre Nô. She trained intermittently in Boston for a few years, before becoming a student of Mestre Acordion, Mestra Suelly, and Mestre Rá in Berkeley in 2002. In 2009 she moved to Portland, Oregon, and began training regularly with Mestre Pedro Cruz (aka Mestre Cachorro), and is a current member of his school, Capoeira São Salvador. In September of 2013, Tremor Mortal joined Mestre Acordeon (and his comrades, including Mestre Suelly, Mestre Mago, Mestre Biramar Itapua, and others) for the first few weeks of the Berkeley to Brazil by Bicycle road trip. Tremor Mortal has been blessed by the teaching of these and other teachers, and by the ancestors of this beautiful art and community. She is a core member of the Afro-Brazilian samba reggae group Banda Arrasta!, and a board member of the Capoeira Arts Foundation.