paran. Horn's Test of Principal Components/Factors (Parallel Analysis)
Program by Alexis Dinno.
Support: alexis dot dinno at pdx dot edu
Version: 1.5.3 (updated December 16, 2015)
Distribution-Date: 16dec2015

after installation see help paran

This package contains the program paran which performs Horn's parallel analysis of components/factors.

NOTE: Devolpment is ongoing, and feedback is always welcome. This version of paran involves significant improvements and changes. The program is stable and very much past the beta stage. The current version is STATA 8+ specific: I am happy to provide versions compatible with older STATA on request.


16dec2015 (1.5.3) updated to reflect new web domain.

25feb2014 (1.5.2) minor documentation update only.

19aug2013 (1.5.1) corrected a bug introduced in 1.5.0 where eigenvalues from a pca were used in the parallel analysis output (but not the factor analysis output) when using the factor option.

04oct2012 (1.5.0) added the option to supply a correlation matrix and the sample data, rather than using the actual variables. corrected a further bug when using weights, revised the return values to be ereturn values, and now includes all four columns from the display output in the return. help file updated.

12sep2011 (1.4.3) clarified color coding of output in the documentation, and corrected the description of the default behavior when the factor() option is used but left blank.

04jan2010 (1.4.2) corrected a bug which would incorrecly display factors with eigenvalues greater than one instead of zero, when paran was used with factor() but without the all option.

28dec2009 (1.4.1) corrected a bug preventing the use of aweights and fweights.

14oct2008 (1.4.0) many imporvements to documentation, improved graph options, improved output, added a seed() option, refined application for common factor analysis.

30apr2008 (1.3.5) fixed a bug in output formatting that could sometimes occur when using the factor option.

28mar2008 (1.3.4) one minor improvement to graph output

13mar2008 (1.3.3) minor improvements to graph output

4mar2008 (1.3.2) added an option to draw graphs along the lines of those produced in Horn's 1965 paper.

1mar2008 (1.3.1) improved status reporting and fixed a bug where the values for the point estimates of the eigenvalues of the random data sets were incorrectly reported in the estimated bias column. this was a reporting bug only, and paran correctly reported the number of components or factors meeting the criertion.

6sep2007 (1.2.6) removed the options for conducting parallel analysis as per the recommendations by Hayton et al., and documented the reasons for this.

16aug2007 (1.2.5) added two output options and fixed a serious bug that deflated estimated bias as iterations increased.

9aug2007 (1.2.4) added two options to perform parallel analysis in lined with the data generation scheme of Hayton, et al., 2004.

3aug2007 (1.2.3) corrected a serious bug introduced in the previous release that halted output.

13nov2004 (1.2.1) revised estimates selection to user-specified centile.

11nov2004 (1.2.0) current version. correctly incorporates factor analyses.

09nov2004 (1.1.5) improved user interface. updated to STATA v8. restricted to pca.

11oct2001 (1.1.3) beta version, limited use.

paran.hlp (for a text-only version of this file click here)

paran.ado and paran.hlp are part of paran.

paran is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL.