dthaz. Discrete-Time Hazard and Survival Probability Estimates.
Program by Alexis Dinno.
Support: alexis.dinno@pdx.edu
Version 2.0.2 (Updated: December 16, 2015)

This package includes prsnperd which is a utility for creating person-period datasets from person-time datasets. It also includes msdthaz which extends dthaz by allowing multiple specifications of subpopulations for simultaneous computation and output of prototypical fitted iconditional hazard and survivor plots..

This package is written for STATA versions 7+.

All feature and help requests are welcome and will be considered. To manually update or install (for Stata versions before 15):

  1. In Stata (i) type ado dir and hit ENTER, and (2) type ado uninstall [#], where '#' is the number of dthaz reported in step (i). Repeat both (i) and (ii) until there are no more versions of dthaz installed.
  2. In Stata type personal and hit ENTER.
  3. Download dthaz.ado, dthaz.sthlp, msdthaz.ado, msdthaz.sthlp, prsnperd.ado, prsnperd.sthlp, and dthaz.copying to the directory reported by the personal command.

    Alternately, you may download a .7z archive of the current dthaz package ado, .sthlp, and .dta files.

You will need to check the web site, and repeat these steps periodically as new versions become available.


dthaz, dthaz.ado, dthaz.hlp, prsnperd, prsnperd.ado, prsnperd.hlp, msdthaz, msdthaz.ado and msdthaz.hlp are licensed under the CC-GNU GPL.