cochranq. Cochran's Q test for stochastic dominance in blocked binary data
Program by Alexis Dinno.
Version 1.3.6 (Updated: August 31, 2021)

This package includes cochranq and the data sets diphtheria which is reproduced from Cochran's 1950 paper, motorskills which is reproduced from Mielke and Berry's 1995 paper, and psychgrads which is reporduced from Berry, Johnston and Mielke's 2007 paper. cochranq performs a nonparametric test of group differences in proportion analogous to a repeated measures ANOVA, under a null hypothesis of equal proportions across all groups. A nonasymptomatic version of the test provides increased statistical power. Different options to report effect size are included.

This package is written for STATA versions 8+. Requests for a version compatible with versions of STATA earlier than v8 are untenable since I do not have access to the software.

All feature and bug requests are welcome and will be considered.

To manually update or install:

  1. In Stata (i) type ado dir and hit ENTER, and (2) t ype ado uninstall [#], where '#' is the number of cochranq reported in step (i). Repeat both (i) and (ii) until there are no more versions of cochranq installed.
  2. In Stata type personal and hit ENTER.
  3. Download cochranq.ado, cochranq.copying, cochranq.sthlp, diphtheria.dta, motorskills.dta, and psychgrads.dta to the directory reported by the personal command.

    Alternately, you may download a .7z archive of the current cochranq package ado, .sthlp, and .dta files.

You will need to check the web site, and repeat these steps periodically as new versions become available.